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Dezhou Baidian Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the northwest of Shandong Province with China Sun Valley - China Dezhou. Baidian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a group company specializing in the design, development and production of gas cookers, kitchen appliances and small household appliances. It is also one of the largest kitchen appliances, gas appliances and small household appliances manufacturers in China. Its business covers many countries and countries. area. In the domestic products sold well all over the place by local distributors, large and medium-sized shopping malls, end customers. In 2013, it won the “China Famous Brand” and “Top Ten Brands of National Product Quality Notarization”.
Dezhou Baidian Electric Co., Ltd. is a modern and advanced enterprise specializing in the production of gas appliances, kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances. It is located in a long history and rich in cultural heritage. It has the “Jiuda Tianzhu, Shenjing Gateway” and “Deshui Rui” The Texas Galaxy High-tech Development Zone is named as “Bio-Industry National High-Tech Industrial Base”, “National Torch Plan New Energy Industry Base” and “National Renewable Energy Building Application Demonstration City”.
Dezhou Baidian Electric Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​33,000 square meters and has 200 employees. At present, it mainly produces and sells more than 100 varieties of gas wall-hung boilers, gas water heaters, gas cookers, range hoods and electric water heaters. The technical connotation and product quality have reached the advanced level in the domestic industry. After years of development, it has become a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, design, development and sales. It is the production base of wall-hung boilers in the north.
The company is committed to improving the environment, creating green enterprises, producing green products, keeping pace with the times, continuing development, and seeking a high degree of unity of corporate and social benefits. Based on the industry, Baidian Company is committed to the future and strives to create a century-old classic! At present, it has eleven program-controlled production lines, advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and is equipped with computer-aided design. In terms of human resources, we have a large number of middle and senior management and technical talents with both professional knowledge and rich experience. Adhering to the tenet of “manufacturing first-class products and providing first-class services”, we vigorously promote modern management, strictly implement ISO9001 international standards and ISO14001 international standards for production, and implement standardized, procedural and scientific management within the company.
The company has obtained the ISO14001 international quality system certification issued by China Gas Appliance Industry Association and the ISO9001 international quality system certification. The products have passed the provincial and national sampling inspections for many years. Dezhou Baidian Electric Co., Ltd. relies on its strong enterprise strength, good hardware facilities, and experienced professionals to develop with innovation and continuously develop new products to adapt to the ever-changing market demand. And with a rigorous and pragmatic attitude, stable quality, and perfect after-sales service to win the support and trust of our customers. "To participate in market competition with excellent quality, satisfactory service and suitable price", and to strive for, develop, enterprising, innovate and create more brilliant achievements with the enterprise spirit of "pursuit of perfection"!