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Profit model
1. Baidian Electric's profit model After years of market cultivation, the company has explored three profit models suitable for different economic types, different market environments and different investment capabilities:
(1) Composite sales model
Sales form: building materials chain store (real home / red star US Kailong) + multi-channel distribution point distribution + community project support + after-sales service team
Adapt to the market: more suitable for regional cities, provincial capital cities
Agent type: suitable for agents with strong economic strength and rich channel distribution resources
(2) "Specialized store + multi-dimensional distribution" mode
Sales form: store sales + multi-channel distribution point distribution + advertising
Adapt to the market: county-level markets, prefecture-level markets across the country
Agent type: agents with strong marketing and operation capabilities
(3) "Specialized store + new residential direct sales" mode
Sales form: specialty store + direct sales team + advertising
Adapt to the market: county-level markets in economically developed regions, regional markets in all regions of the country
Agent type: have certain sales team management and marketing capabilities
First, the prospective agent selection
1. Customers who have been engaged in the home, building materials and kitchen appliances industries;
2. Strong and experienced product distributors;
3. Customers engaged in new product agents;
4. Other investors with funds, capabilities and good social resources.
Second, the code of authorized agents
1. Have a good business reputation, extensive social relations, rich team sales resources or a sound marketing network, a modern management service awareness, and a business and service location.
2, able to complete the corresponding indicators on time, with network expansion capabilities and can actively maintain, guide, manage their network product sales, after-sales service, brand promotion.
3. Have high loyalty to the head office, be able to consciously maintain the image of Baidian Company, and voluntarily follow the Baidian VI specification and terminal promotion manual to build terminals and carry out marketing activities.
Baidian agent cooperation principle
The principle of sincere coexistence: Baidian advocates honesty and is willing to get along with customers sincerely, and sincerely hopes to achieve good communication with customers to correct the shortcomings in the work of Baidian.
The principle of healthy development: Cooperate with customers based on the principle of long-term health, rapidity and development. Instead of greedy for temporary benefits, we hope to share the long-term market.
Happy marketing principles: Baidian advocates that work should not be just to make money, and should maintain a happy mood. A tacit cooperation is also a pleasure. Baidian people advocate happy cooperation and happy marketing.
The principle of benefit-winning: The purpose of the cooperation between Baidian and the customers is to achieve a win-win situation and the two parties profit. Provide customers with high quality and low price products, support customer marketing, and realize their own interests in friendly cooperation.
We provide agents with the opportunity to join the agency decoration door and store renderings