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Fault phenomenon: The wall-hung boiler is turned off

Fault phenomenon: The wall-hung boiler is turned off, the main controller alarms, and the fault display shows the overheated dry-burning fault code.
cause of issue:
a) The heating sub-assembly is closed, causing the water temperature in the main heat exchanger to rise rapidly, and the hot water temperature exceeds 90 °C, causing the bypass valve to open.
b) The heating pipeline is blocked, the water circulation speed is slowed down, the water temperature rises rapidly, and the hot water temperature exceeds 90 °C.
c) The overheat protection thermostat is defective and should be normally closed and not normally closed.
d) Three-way valve flow switching function disorder (three-way valve type), there may be misalignment of the connecting line or misalignment of the ball assembly and poor rotation of the ball, resulting in hot water entering the plate through the three-way valve for small cycle during heating The water temperature rises sharply.
e) Controller failure.
f) The distributor (switch) is mounted in the opposite direction.
g) The filter is clogged.
a) Turn on the heating distributor.
b) Unblock the heating pipe.
c) Replace the overheat protection thermostat.
d) Correct the connection if the connection line is misaligned; reassemble the three-way valve sphere correctly if the ball is misaligned; replace the three-way valve if the ball is not rotated properly.
e) Replace the controller.
f) Reassemble the dispenser (switch) so that it is oriented correctly.
g) Clean the filter.
Tips: In order to master the maintenance methods of various wall-hung boilers, we must first grasp the basic principles and work processes of the wall-hung boiler work, installation requirements, use of debugging methods and maintenance knowledge; secondly, we must have rich practical experience. Various fault phenomena are analyzed and judged, and faults are eliminated; once again, there must be strong hands-on ability to properly disassemble various components.