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The importance of gas boiler maintenance

Compared with the service life of foreign wall-mounted boilers, many domestic wall-mounted boil
1. Why should the wall-mounted boiler be maintained?
Compared with the service life of foreign wall-mounted boilers, many domestic wall-mounted boilers have a short service life. The reason is that in the non-heating season, there is no awareness of wall-hung boiler maintenance and maintenance. When the next heating season comes, there may be problems, not only affecting timely heating, but also the service life of the wall-hung boiler. The normal operation of the wall-hung boiler products is affected by various factors such as gas quality, water quality and voltage. Regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of gas boilers can effectively reduce the load on main components such as pumps and heat exchangers, reduce the wear of operating components, and reduce the failure rate of equipment, thus making the boilers run more smoothly.
2, the benefits of maintenance and repair of gas boilers
First of all, regular maintenance and repair of gas boilers can improve the efficiency of heat exchange in wall-hung boilers and reduce gas consumption. Then, after cleaning the inside of the gas boiler, the boiler can be operated more smoothly, and the service life of the gas fireplace can be extended. Finally, proper maintenance and maintenance of the gas boiler can increase the safety of the operation of the boiler and ensure the safe use of the user.
3. What time is best for wall-hung boiler maintenance?
Generally, maintenance is carried out during the non-heating season. The factory staff will be busy before and after the start of the heating season, so it would be more desirable to avoid those periods.
4. What is the content of the wall-hung boiler maintenance work?
There are two main types of wall-hung boiler maintenance. The first-level maintenance includes pre-maintenance inspection, gas inspection, combustion system inspection and maintenance, smoke system inspection and maintenance, water leakage inspection, electrical circuit inspection, wall-hung boiler functional inspection, customer guidance, etc. Secondary maintenance includes plate replacement cleaning, main heat exchanger cleaning, waterway cleaning, and radiator system cleaning.